Pronounced: 'FE-AH-LAH-GA'

A playful and vibrant identity influenced by the Scottish Gaelic term “Fealla-dhà,” meaning "joke, jest, fun".

We pay homage to the cherished cartoons of yesteryear by reimagining them in a contemporary pop-art style.

Our passion for unique clothing is only matched by our commitment to sustainability. We are dedicated to crafting eco-friendly garments that make a statement.


Visit our St. Albans market stall for a hands-on experience with our clothing. Interact with us, try on our garments, and join the conversation within our community.


Our garments are ethically produced in a family-run factory in Portugal, where sustainable practices like recycling and green energy are upheld. This commitment to ethical manufacturing aligns with our use of 100% GMO-free certified organic cotton, grown without chemicals and hand-picked for durability.